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Can you get a major flat spot out of my rim or hammer back the folded edge?

No, when the rim has been damaged to that point the aluminum has been weakened and cannot be repaired.

Will you guys anodize my stock hubs and rims?

We specialize in the best quality wheel sets available, we currently do not anodize stock hubs or rims because the finish one gets on a stock hub or rim is never as good as on our billet aluminum.

I'm worried that the anodized set of hubs I am ordering will come with different shades, how are they anodized?

The process of anodizing is not exact, it is an art form that is mastered over years. We send hubs in pairs to keep our colors as consistent as possible. In the unlikely event of any color differences please give us a call and we will change it out for you.

I don't see my wheel set listed, do you make for other models?

We have listed the majority of our models on the site but there are models we have not updated on the site yet and we have new models everyday, give us a call or e mail to find out.

Are your wheel sets completely assembled?

All our prices listed are for completely assembled wheels.

What other parts will I need to fit my wheels?

You will need a tire, tube, rim band, sprocket, disc, sprocket hardware and disc hardware.

How soon will my wheel set ship out?

It depends on the part of the season they are ordered in. Our wheels are custom built to order, everything from machining the hubs to building the wheels is done in house by trained professionals. Lead times can vary please call for more information.

Will my stock spokes and bearings work with your hubs?

On majority of our hubs the stock spokes , bearings and seals will interchange with your OEM ones. There are one or two exceptions that we did change from stock for durability reasons, please call to verify before ordering.


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