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FasterUSA Services

FasterUSA has been refurbishing and rebuilding wheels for over thirteen years. We strive to make it as convenient as possible to have your current wheels serviced or purchase new wheels. Cerakote or Vapor hone your stock hubs and have them built by the best,  custom wheel sets are our specialty. We cover return shipping on all wheel sets that are laced and trued with new rims and spokes!

Service Costs:



- Lace and true wheel                                                      $100

- Lace and true vintage/ drum brake                               $120

-  True wheel only                                                            $40

- Tire change off bike (offroad)                                        $20     

- Mousse change off bike (offroad)                                  $50

- Wheel bearing change off bike                                      $20

- Please note - we include free vapor hone of stock hub with       any of our rebuilds!


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