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OEM Wheel Restoration

We offer professional restoration on stock wheel with your choice of rims, spokes and hub cleaning / coating. Rebuild packages have been created to make it simpler and more affordable for our customers.

On all our rebuilds the hubs are cleaned and bead blasted, we use a fine grit 320 glass bead that leaves a beautiful smooth finish. You have the option of doing a protective clear Cerakote over your stock hubs before rebuilding. ($30 extra)

If you would like to add some color on your hubs Cerakote (Gun Coating) is a great looking and durable option and runs $80 per hub. The most popular colors are Graphite Black, Tungsten and Burnt Bronze but we carry many others such as Midnight Bronze, Gold and White.

There are two final hub options. We can professionally powder coat your stock hubs to a showroom luster, we take care to tape off all critical surfaces including sprocket and disc mounting areas, $100 per hub. Polishing your OEM hubs makes them look like a mirror, please allow a few days turnaround time. ($100 per hub)

Wheel Rebuild Packages

Standard Rebuild  -$315

- Includes front and rear wheels.
- We bead blast the hubs clean.
- Relace with Excel Notako rims in black or silver.
- Reuse stock spokes (if new ones are needed Excel's are $75 per set Bulldogs $89)
- Free return freight to the lower 48 States.

Racer Rebuild - $390

- Same as the standard rebuild but we use upgraded Excel Takasago rims.

Pro Rebuild - $465

- Same as the standard rebuild but we use upgraded Excel A60 or DID STX rims.

Vintage and Revo Build - $665

- Same as the standard build but we use Excel Takasago rims and Buchanan Spokes.
- This pricing includes spokes because we always use new spokes on Vintage builds.


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